Wednesday, August 16, 2017

First Day of School! August 16, 2017

We will always start our morning doing table activities. I will have different things out on the tables for the kids to play.  After they have moved their name on the SMARTboard, they can chose an activity at one of the tables.

 We completed our first page for our portfolio- a self portrait and a handwriting sample of their name.

 Circle time
We talked about our schedule for the day.
 Since it was wet and rainy outside we played in the commons.

 After our large motor play we came in to go to the bathroom and wash hands before story time.

 After washing hands we read stories under the loft.
 Our class story was about Curious George's first day of school.  Ask your child about the mess that he made!
 A tradition that we have at Zion is to take a FULL SCHOOL picture on the first day of school. We put on our matching t-shirts and went over to church to join the rest of the school.
 We waited patiently for our turn to get into the picture.  
We used this time to sing songs and talk about Jesus!
 All of Zion's PS-8th grade students!

We came back to the classroom for snack time.

 We only had 3 centers open during center time today.  Children could chose to play with the bricks, animals, or color a picture.  I loved the team work I saw among the kids. The kids worked together to build towers and bridges and other creations.

 We also worked on coloring a picture of ourself to hang on our bulletin board that goes along with the school's theme for the year: In Christ I Stand.  

We finished our morning as we will every day- praying together as a class. Each child gets the opportunity to say thank you to Jesus for whatever they would like!

We had a great first day of school and I am looking forward to our year together!