Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

We cut out our pumpkin marble paintings.

 We decorated pumpkins with play doh.

Patrick made letter F with the geoboard.

A heart and a cross for Jesus

Evie LOVED snipping the pieces of the leftover paper!

 We continue to talk about the feeling of anger and how we can calm ourselves down when we become angry.  Ask your child about "rainbow breathing".

 Jesus time

 We watched a short LEGO video about Martin Luther.  We learned that he wanted everyone to know that GOD LOVES THEM and doesn't want to punish them!

 We started learning a new song that we will sing at Chapel of the Cross on Sunday, November 12 at the 10:45 church service.

Center time

 We enjoyed building with the packing material that came in the boxes of computers for our school!

We did some crayon rubbings on a tree outside!
This was a favorite activity!!